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Article provided by: Be Structured Technology Group, Inc.

Outsource It Support Los Angeles

A level agreement document is a vital component of any technology outsourcing contract. It lists the type and quality of service the provider will provide. An active SLA defines the level of service expected by the customer and sets out the working mode of any issue.

Do you need a service level agreement?

They are essential agreements because they pull together the information needed to manage the code of conduct between all parties. The detailed contracts protect both parties in the event of miscommunication or a faulty job. The best way to outsource IT support in Los Angeles is to align the business’s objectives with an ideal pricing rate, high quality of services, and the best customer experience.

What to look for in the SLA agreement

List of services

The provided services should be transparent in the agreement document. It should include services and products that will contribute to various problems. The client will be able to identify whether the SLA serves their purpose when they know what they want from the service provider.


You should be able to understand the level of service you will receive through the SLA. It will also outline the measures that will guide the service’s provision.

Problem management

Problem management handles all the small details of the provider’s responsibilities. It will outline who will take action in the event of a system’s failure. The problem management process will typically follow these steps:

  • Problem identification
  • Escalation
  • Reporting
  • Resolution


The section details how the provider will avail its services to your clients. The clarity of the details will handle the ambiguity that results in legal battles, hidden fees, unresolved issues, and loss of revenue.

The service availability may be in time slots, such a ninety percent availability for hours between a typical working day. E-commerce platforms have aggressive SLAs with exceedingly high uptimes. An IT outsourcing company should detail their availability so that businesses can plan their operations.


All companies should have an agreement of what to expect when the relationship with the client takes an unfavorable direction. Companies should address the likelihood of similar situations to outsource IT support in Los Angeles. The foresight will smooth dragged out legal cases and ensure continuity of all services.


The option to scale the business should have the possibility to upscale the technology. The SLA agreement should explain how they will adapt the contract to the addition of another office or IT operation.

Legal agreements

Your legal agreement should have excellent points for warranties, exclusions, third-party claims, and indemnification. These details enhance service provision by reducing hurdles of service delivery.

What not to expect from the SLA

The SLA will not include defect rates of issues such as codding errors and the probability of missed errors. It may lack enough detail of all programs’ preventive measures for all your system’s possible breakdowns.

IT support companies will use key performances to predict their future service provision. Be Structured has a mature SLA agreement that has morphed since its establishment in 2007. We have a contract for all our services and bias to ensure the continuity of a smooth business relationship. Contact us to learn which options you have with any of our services.   

Outsource It Support Los Angeles